Mazes and My Realm

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Mazes and My Realm


On this day, the 20th of September 2010, I am embarking professionally on my writing career. As a start, I warmly welcome you into my world and I hope I can nurture your demanding taste and wit.

I often delve into personal matters especially those that have marked on me and made a significant impact to my life. My point of view is somehow dark and heavy in nature but I will make the most of it to let everyone understand my purpose of composing that craft in the best way I can possibly do.

Furthermore, my interest is focused in life involving people and how they react and respond to any arising circumstance. I celebrate the achievement of every indivual whose actions and deeds have become an inspiration to at least a single person living bravely in this challenging world.

Albeit my interest I can still tackle any worth discussing topics that would benefit at least someone other than myself.

I believe in the mathematics imposed in life. I don’t believe in total freedom but strongly in infinity. I believe in life, its worth, its beauty and love, its tale, its logic, its intelligence and naivete, its success and failure, its music, its mystery, its tapestry and its culture.

I am marking my 30th year in this world with utmost appreciation of life. Thanking endlessly the Lord Almighty for the experiences I have had and the failures that taught me to become who I am. I hope I could translate these into knowledge that will be used as an example or a simple lesson in life to avoid any same mistakes or failures at any time to anyone.

To my colleagues, superiors, friends and new found friends I’ll have a blast.

Enjoy reading as I really hope to entertain you in the first place.

Sincerely yours,

Ackee Wolf


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