Greener Pasture and Fond Memories

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Mazes and My Realm

People come and go but their memories last a lifetime. Down the memory lane.

The Dell SMB Chat Team Kathy Gali has been the pioneer group that led the current line of business expand its bandwidth to its current numbers today. Its strong showing has paved the way for more opportunities for the site and its employees. This has been the first time for Dell to outsource a business sales and the first for the 12 of us- including the manager/trainer Kathy – to prove that we can as a team succeed; the rest is unconsciously chronicled in history.

It has been more than a year now and the family grew immensely. But some choose to leave.

The original 12-member team is now down to nine with Daryl, being the third to bid goodbye. It was Jeff who left first and just most recently, Carl. They’ve reaped success in the business and certainly will make a name wherever they will be. Kudos to that!

Absolutely, we are going to miss each one’s partake over plenteous foods, bottle of beers and reverberating guffaw. Not to mention the videoke sing-along we are used to and the antics each one is leaving as trademark for the rest to reckon.

Apart from the team spirit is the tie the departee has knotted to bond a strong friendship, that is something worth reminiscing too. There are lots which I cannot discuss in details. There are lots of reasons why people leave but for sure it is always for their own good. We always hope all the best for them as they venture into their new endeavor.

Whatever the reason behind may be, that choice is definitely irrevocable and unbreakable. It is not that one is no longer happy to accomplish the delegated tasks but it is the urge to reach for more possibilities.

I personally salute everyone who has accomplished each challenge gracefully. I salute my colleagues for braving the responsibilities and daunting tasks. I salute you more for your courage to sail another sea.


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