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Agog over elections

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Mazes and My Realm

Twelve days to go and poll precincts will be lined up again with fresh and veteran voters for the barangay elections. I can see the shindig and protest broiling soon.

October 13th marked the end of filing of candidacy and campaign now starts all over town. I saw some teenagers hanging tarpaulins while others posted other campaign materials on the walls and wherever possible places such as lightposts and others’ very own doors.

I haven’t seen the adults yet but I anticipate them to be actively visiting one house to another, in pack or in person, in the next few days. Though campaign stuff were already hanged, distributed and posted by their sorties prior to the allowed campaign period I expect more from them.

Debates and reform agendas are what we can look forward to witness. Through this electorates will be able to see who’s who in their local towns. This benefits those who are undecided. The rest of the voters could have either sided on a certain candidate or faction already or planned not to participate at all. That is democracy.

It is just exciting to see the merriments during this period as it orchestrates Pinoy fondness to celebrate freedom by casting a vote come election day. I just wish, as we all do, that it will end well with zero casualty if possible.

I am not excited to cast my vote because I am not betting on anyone. I will practice my right and ‘belief’ according to what is proper for us. To my fellow Pinoys, good luck and a peaceful one for the whole nation as we practice our suffrage right on October 25,2010.