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I doubted it first until I am convinced, “right!”

I guess this is not a common subject we Filipinos often discuss in private or in public. Who would even question someone who’s thinking deeply when we believe him to be profound or intelligent?

Well, I do this time?

I agree that Filipinos are known worldwide to be a world-class worker in any field they have chosen. Fact of the matter is they were even cited for their exemplary contributions and they definitely deserve all our respect and accolades. There is no doubt about that. That is because they made a good decision.

However, is it not suspicious (pardon the word) why only a few Filipinos are wealthy? Most of them come from affluent clans, many cronies maybe and a number of those who have a very inspirational story. It could be one to ten hungry Pinoys in ratio or sadly, less.

The funny thing is it is because of too much thinking the majority spends on whatever thing that concerns them, which of course in reality belongs to the upper classes C, D and E. Let me cite a simple example. For a family man who finished a vocational course with three or four children and a wife what would come to mind first? Food, shelter, basic needs.

Certainly, that totally depends on the current status of the family (it’s possible that he or she is an heir of a wealthy family). Ironically, that thinking has never been enough to be led to the right conclusion. I am not singling out the so called ‘masa’ but significantly it represents an important statistical figure.

If there is re-engineering of things why not our thinking? Would that be hard or not? It really depends on our courage to assess our own mind’s ability to decide between right and wrong, add to that our willingness to follow or avoid our own theory or conclusion. I guess not much of us have the temerity to boldly tell the world that we did, solid proof is our unending attempt to stick to our ‘New Year’s Resolution.’

Back to my point, what does it take to have the right mind? Education? I believe it is not just simply the education we get from our alma mater but more on what we have experienced in life and how we tackled it. Like how we cope after a failed relationship or after we flunked a test. Deep emotional attachment is also a big contributing factor to our stagnancy. We are afraid because we have immediately  concluded that it will cause us more failures when we have not even tried to face the challenge that accosts us yet.

Fear. Rejection. Failures. Negative things. All negative things. How do we see our nation as a whole? Answer: dark side. That is because that is how we see things. That is how we conditioned our minds as we grew up. That is how we were exposed as we travel in the world and time.

But you know what? Maybe, or no!? Admit it you don’t have an immediate answer to these questions before this sentence but you have a strong feeling of ill. Yes, that is how I set the mood. Have you felt that? Yes you should, or else, you have not gone this far. But if you have succeeded that feeling, congratulations! You’ve done a great job. You have succeeded your own mind. You transcended yourself to a different level.

Guess what level?

Yes, positivity and peace of mind. These past few days we have witnessed different disasters, wars, bad news and chaos. We have seen how calamities devastated more than a single country. We’re all in deep trouble.  We may not be in these situations but we sympathize with the victims and the orphaned ones. We cannot avoid it. We are humans and with these strong pictures of plights and pains who are we not to be bothered and not to be beleaguered? We are weak and we feel this to realize we cannot make this alone.

Now how can we achieve this peace of mind and positive vibes? This spares us from quandary and too much thinking for sure. The key is prayer. We pray for the world, for the innocent people experiencing the unimaginable problems and circumstances. We pray for those whose minds are clouded with selfishness and eviltry to be enlightened. We pray for ourselves to be salvaged and spared from these disasters, strife and pandemonium. We all pray for peace and salvation.

If you are to ask yourself upon submitting yourself to truth and righteousness before our Lord, will we still think too much? If you answer no, I admire you for doing the right thing to do, to think right. Get prepared now, because like what was implied in the bible, not all who called will be heard.

Wealth is not really the material thing this world offers so we don’t really have to worry that we will not be able to attain all those golds and money. Those are simply ideas we can obtain given we have trained ourselves to have the right mind but before that you know what to mind first, if not please READ AGAIN.

Agog over elections

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Mazes and My Realm

Twelve days to go and poll precincts will be lined up again with fresh and veteran voters for the barangay elections. I can see the shindig and protest broiling soon.

October 13th marked the end of filing of candidacy and campaign now starts all over town. I saw some teenagers hanging tarpaulins while others posted other campaign materials on the walls and wherever possible places such as lightposts and others’ very own doors.

I haven’t seen the adults yet but I anticipate them to be actively visiting one house to another, in pack or in person, in the next few days. Though campaign stuff were already hanged, distributed and posted by their sorties prior to the allowed campaign period I expect more from them.

Debates and reform agendas are what we can look forward to witness. Through this electorates will be able to see who’s who in their local towns. This benefits those who are undecided. The rest of the voters could have either sided on a certain candidate or faction already or planned not to participate at all. That is democracy.

It is just exciting to see the merriments during this period as it orchestrates Pinoy fondness to celebrate freedom by casting a vote come election day. I just wish, as we all do, that it will end well with zero casualty if possible.

I am not excited to cast my vote because I am not betting on anyone. I will practice my right and ‘belief’ according to what is proper for us. To my fellow Pinoys, good luck and a peaceful one for the whole nation as we practice our suffrage right on October 25,2010.

People come and go but their memories last a lifetime. Down the memory lane.

The Dell SMB Chat Team Kathy Gali has been the pioneer group that led the current line of business expand its bandwidth to its current numbers today. Its strong showing has paved the way for more opportunities for the site and its employees. This has been the first time for Dell to outsource a business sales and the first for the 12 of us- including the manager/trainer Kathy – to prove that we can as a team succeed; the rest is unconsciously chronicled in history.

It has been more than a year now and the family grew immensely. But some choose to leave.

The original 12-member team is now down to nine with Daryl, being the third to bid goodbye. It was Jeff who left first and just most recently, Carl. They’ve reaped success in the business and certainly will make a name wherever they will be. Kudos to that!

Absolutely, we are going to miss each one’s partake over plenteous foods, bottle of beers and reverberating guffaw. Not to mention the videoke sing-along we are used to and the antics each one is leaving as trademark for the rest to reckon.

Apart from the team spirit is the tie the departee has knotted to bond a strong friendship, that is something worth reminiscing too. There are lots which I cannot discuss in details. There are lots of reasons why people leave but for sure it is always for their own good. We always hope all the best for them as they venture into their new endeavor.

Whatever the reason behind may be, that choice is definitely irrevocable and unbreakable. It is not that one is no longer happy to accomplish the delegated tasks but it is the urge to reach for more possibilities.

I personally salute everyone who has accomplished each challenge gracefully. I salute my colleagues for braving the responsibilities and daunting tasks. I salute you more for your courage to sail another sea.

Mazes and My Realm

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Mazes and My Realm


On this day, the 20th of September 2010, I am embarking professionally on my writing career. As a start, I warmly welcome you into my world and I hope I can nurture your demanding taste and wit.

I often delve into personal matters especially those that have marked on me and made a significant impact to my life. My point of view is somehow dark and heavy in nature but I will make the most of it to let everyone understand my purpose of composing that craft in the best way I can possibly do.

Furthermore, my interest is focused in life involving people and how they react and respond to any arising circumstance. I celebrate the achievement of every indivual whose actions and deeds have become an inspiration to at least a single person living bravely in this challenging world.

Albeit my interest I can still tackle any worth discussing topics that would benefit at least someone other than myself.

I believe in the mathematics imposed in life. I don’t believe in total freedom but strongly in infinity. I believe in life, its worth, its beauty and love, its tale, its logic, its intelligence and naivete, its success and failure, its music, its mystery, its tapestry and its culture.

I am marking my 30th year in this world with utmost appreciation of life. Thanking endlessly the Lord Almighty for the experiences I have had and the failures that taught me to become who I am. I hope I could translate these into knowledge that will be used as an example or a simple lesson in life to avoid any same mistakes or failures at any time to anyone.

To my colleagues, superiors, friends and new found friends I’ll have a blast.

Enjoy reading as I really hope to entertain you in the first place.

Sincerely yours,

Ackee Wolf