Making Tondo People Wealthy

Hi Kris and your talented and dedicated team,

I just want to reiterate what you’ve been chanting daily, “love, love, love!”

I believe there is a reason why I saw your show’s teaser info regarding you granting wishes to your avid viewers on your 15th anniversary celebration of being a morning talk show queen. I saw this when I was watching Sunday’s best last October 23rd.

I am not really sure if this will make it but I am convinced it is worth a try. After all, I’ve been following you since the days back then because you are too influential, especially your game shows. Your charisma definitely appeal solidly to almost everyone.

My sincerest desire is to attend the Firewalk Bootcamp of John Calub, the country’s # 1 inspirational guru, from December 2-4, 2011 in Tagaytay. What it means to me is a lot. It will help me become more adept in my advocacy to improve the lives of my fellows especially the youths in Tondo. That is significant because it does not mean jobs but businesses. Imagine Tondo becoming a business hub in Manila 10-20 years from now. Isn’t that amazing?

It has been a long time dream of mine and I believe everything now falls into place. I would be grateful if you could help me with the registration fee of Php 30k before 11-26-2011. I know that this amount could feed a lot of people but I tell you this could also help us help other people become rich especially those from Tondo.

Thank you in advance and congratulations for being UN’s chosen ambassadress for Asia.


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