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Of political dynasties

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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If you are to ask my opinion about political dynasties I could ideally answer that with a big ‘NO’ but sorry to frustrate you dynasty per se isn’t naturally evil so why should I disagree to that? If people would have to lead a faction, a hue, a nation one has to have the guts, the charisma, the power to unite and make people act upon one goal. Even if the aspirant has all the intelligence, the dedication, the willingness if he doesn’t have the clout I doubt his or her efficacy unless divinely anointed. Popularity, I know people could all spit on my face if my thinking goes against theirs – who cares anyway I’m not stringed to their polished opinions as I have my own, is a very important factor an aspiring leader has to have. That’s not something you can ignore. If one can’t make himself popular through his good actions, plans, projects and previous stellar records then he’s a failure, indeed a big failure, to muster not the confidence and trust of his beloved fellow men as he cannot make them move, to reach one ideal goal. Where’s the magnet huh?

I could understand that many of us still suffer from that phobia created in the dark past during Martial Law. And it’s been how many decades now since it was lifted but we are still horrified hearing it, we’re still afraid and paranoid of its repetition, and that wound, that painful wound would never heal. Why? Because we are still tied to that past. We cannot forgive and we doubt everyone we see who proposes a reform for our dear nation. I must admit I am sometimes guilty of persecuting the son or children of this and that honcho. I am also led to think by the people around me who have sounded off in unison their disgust and frustration about the people they choose. I couldn’t blame them it is their first-hand experience. Not mine. I am just sharing my unsolicited opinion about dynasties. I love dynasties because as I see it this isn’t only prevalent in politics and many of them I found good contributors to our society.

Not to blame anyone otherwise blame yourself! Why? Because you choose, it is you who choose. Your parent’s mistakes aren’t for sure yours, are they? Should you pay for those? That’s a good question. That’s a very good question I’d love to leave hanging for you to answer. Should your children pay for your debts?

Good morning. We all men love to leave a good name.